3 Feb 2009

New copyright rules fair, says APRA

6:26 pm on 3 February 2009

The Australasian Performing Rights Assocation has dismissed claims that the new Copyright Act will force people off the internet unfairly.

The act, rewritten last year to deal with digital technology, comes into force on 28 February.

Some internet experts want the Government to repeal Section 92a of the act, which requires Internet Service Providers to disconnect clients accused of illegally downloading copyright material.

Internet New Zealand and the Internet Service Providers Association say the requirement is unfair because innocent people can be disconnected on the basis of an accusation alone.

However, Performing Rights Association director Anthony Healey said a message needs to be sent to internet users that copyright material, such as music, must be paid for.

He said a code of practice for the new law will protect the innocent.

Mr Healey said people need to learn that music must be paid for.