18 Oct 2012

Police confident no gang infiltration strategy

10:25 am on 18 October 2012

Police have confirmed gang members have tried to join the force but say they are confident there is no organised strategy to infiltrate the agency.

The Police Association says about a dozen patched members of the Head Hunters gang tried to join the agency last year but were stopped during the recruitment process.

Police human resources manager Alan Cassidy says there have been applicants with gang associations or links to organised criminal groups, but there is no evidence to suggest it is an organised strategy.

Police Association president Greg O'Connor disputes this, saying the strategy is set by gangs and is part of a worldwide trend.

"It's what organised crime do, it's about getting control of their main enemy."

Mr Cassidy says the police recruitment process is extremely rigorous and includes psychometric testing and home visits.

A criminal record check is carried out and says even recruits without a criminal record are checked for their associations and connections.

He says that in the past any applicant with gang connections has been picked up early and declined.