28 Dec 2008

NZ may achieve its lowest road toll since 1960

7:22 pm on 28 December 2008

Police say New Zealand may achieve its lowest road toll since 1960, but there's no place for complacency on the roads.

The holiday road toll stands at eight and a total of 354 people have died on the roads so far this year.

A national road safety spokesperson Inspector Rob Morgan says unless something goes drastically wrong, this year's road toll could be the lowest since 1960 when 374 people died on the roads.

Mr Morgan attributes the fewer fatalities to a combination of motorists being more aware of the dangers of the road, better vehicles, better roads, and police enforcing road rules.

But he says compared to other Western countries, a lot more people are killed on the roads than should be which is why there needs to be a continued focus on safety initiatives.

The current road toll is 55 deaths below last year's road toll of 409.