1 Oct 2012

Agency denies quota for driving test failures

7:45 pm on 1 October 2012

The Transport Agency says there is no question of it requiring that a certain number of people fail their driver's licence tests.

Radio New Zealand reported last month that fewer than half the people sitting the new restricted licence test are passing.

The test, which came into force in February, requires learner drivers to complete at least 120 hours of supervised practice before they can sit their exam.

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that material leaked to the paper indicates pass rates are being manipulated so that no more than 40% pass.

But the Transport Agency says there is no target for the number of people who should pass a test and there is certainly no quota for test failures.

It says, though, that regions where the pass rate is far higher or far lower than the national average are required to moderate their rates to make sure they're close to the national average.

The agency says that is intended to make sure testing is consistent throughout the country.