16 Sep 2012

Fishing boat missing off Fiordland coast

7:53 pm on 16 September 2012

Police have called off a search for two Greymouth men in a fishing boat missing off the coast of Fiordland for the night.

The vessel was due to dock in Milford Sound on Saturday but never arrived.

The skipper of the boat is Kevin Cosgrove, 60, of Dobson, and the crewman is Nirvana Drew Reynolds, 16, of Blackball.

They contacted another boat about 11.30am on Saturday to say their net was snagged near Yates Point, north of the Milford Sound mouth.

Local fishing boats went searching for the men, but only found an oil slick at 5pm on Saturday.

They also found a life raft and buoyancy ring about nine kilometres off shore, south west of the Sound.

Police say it is thought the vessel may have come to grief after snagging a net near Yates Point, and the focus has been on that area on Sunday afternoon.

They say the plane used in the search on Sunday has not located anything of significance in the search area.