11 Dec 2008

Qian Xue family seek information on financial trust

4:11 pm on 11 December 2008

The family of Qian Xue, whose father will stand trial next year accused of the murder of her mother, are trying to clarify whether they can access money from a trust set up in her name.

Qian Xue was abandoned at a Melbourne train station in September 2007 by her father Nai Yin Xue.

Her mother was found dead in a car boot outside their Auckland home and Mr Xue was captured in the United States in February.

National MP Pansy Wong said Qian Xue's grandmother Madam Liu has tried to contact the trustees to find out the status of the $40,000 trust, however all but one trustee has stepped down.

Mrs Wong said the family had never refused the money from the trust but neither had they requested financial help.

The family now wants to clarify if there are conditions attached to receiving money from the trust.

Mrs Wong says Qian Xue is doing well and the family hope she will grow up in privacy.