22 Aug 2012

Petrol price record high: shop around, says AA

10:10 am on 22 August 2012

The price of petrol has reached an all-time high at some pumps - a whisker under $2.23 for 91 octane.

On Tuesday, Z Energy raised the price of 91 octane by 3c a litre to $2.22.9 and the price of diesel by 3c to $1.56.9.

Company spokesperson Sheena Thomas says Z had been hoping not to have to pass on a steep rise in the price of refined petrol - $14 more for a barrel of 91 octane since the end of July - but sees little prospect of costs falling in the short-term.

BP says the strength of the New Zealand dollar has allowed it not to raise its prices so far.

Ms Thomas says other fuel companies have raised prices at individual sites but the AA says no other companies have followed suit yet so drivers should shop around.