20 Aug 2012

Fenton sister jailed for stabbing to be released

10:05 pm on 20 August 2012

Parole has been granted to the first of three young women jailed for the murder of Raymond Mullins, who died in a frenzied stabbing in 1999.

Mr Mullins was attacked repeatedly with steak knives at the Auckland factory in Papatoetoe where he lived and worked.

Two teenage sisters, Natalie and Katrina Fenton, and another teenager Daniella Bowmen were each sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder.

The Parole Board has now decided Katrina Fenton can walk free, despite being caught having a puff of cannabis in jail in December last year.

It says she has made up lost ground, has plenty of good support and a strong release plan in place.

Fenton's parole forbids her from living in Auckland, where Mr Mullins' family is based, or contacting them.

She has also been ordered to undergo drug and alcohol counselling, as well as a psychological assessment.