16 Aug 2012

Kiwi dad hero after saving egg

7:08 pm on 16 August 2012

A kiwi dad has been hailed a hero after saving his young from rising floodwaters, but here's the twist, in this case kiwi refers to the bird.

As water began to flood Matt's enclosure, he raced to save his egg by piling leaves underneath it, and therefore raising it above the waterline.

The North Island brown kiwi has been incubating an egg at Christchurch's Willowbank Wildlife Reserve for the past two weeks, assisted by his partner, Kamo.

The reserve keepers then stepped in and further aided the kiwi by building trenches and raising the kiwi and his egg higher.

The head keeper at Willowbank Wildlife, Shaun Horan says it was a case of parental instincts taking over.

Mr Horan says Matt and his partner have been incubating the egg at the reserve for the past two weeks.