14 Aug 2012

2 men sentenced over under 11s rugby brawl

4:26 pm on 14 August 2012

Two men charged after a brawl forced an under 11 rugby game to be abandoned have each been sentenced to 40 hours community service.

The case stems from a match in Porirua on 30 June.

Both men admitted charges of assault.

One, Enele Iakopo, 43, a storeman was refereeing the match at the time. He admitted punching the coach of one of the teams.

He was ordered to pay restitution of $620 for damage to the man's glasses.

The other defendant was Siaki Sua, 35.

Both men's lawyers argued their actions were provoked by the behaviour of others in the crowd.

But a judge in the Porirua District Court said the use of violence had to be condemned, especially in the presence of children who often learn from the behaviour of adults.