8 Aug 2012

Dotcom says he was punched and kicked by police

12:07 pm on 8 August 2012

The Crown has questioned MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom over his claim he was punched in the face when police raided his home.

Mr Dotcom has been giving evidence at a three-day hearing this week to determine what should happen to the evidence seized during the raid on his home in January, following a High Court ruling in June that the warrants used for the raid were unlawful.

The Crown has already indicated it will appeal against the ruling, but needs to wait for this hearing to conclude before it can lodge the appeal.

Crown lawyer John Pike asked Mr Dotcom why there was no sign of bruising in the photos taken after he was arrested.

Mr Dotcom explained that it was because the pictures had only been taken two hours after the raid, and it took until the next day for the bruise to appear.

Asked why he hadn't told a doctor, who visited him after he was arrested, about the injury, he said

that by that stage he was focusing on getting help and painkillers for back pain.

Earlier Mr Dotcom had told the court how terrified he was when police stormed his home. He said he was punched and kicked when they set upon him as he cowered in a safe room in his mansion.

The FBI is seeking to have the website founder extradited to the United States on charges relating to one of the biggest copyright fraud cases in the world.

Other witnesses to give evidence this week include the police special tactics staff and the officer in charge of the investigation.