6 Aug 2012

Work under way to standardise hospital medicines

2:24 pm on 6 August 2012

The national drug-buying agency, Pharmac, says work is under way to standardise hospital medicines throughout the country.

In the past, district health boards have decided what drugs they will buy; consequently not all hospitals stock the same drugs or offer the same treatments.

Pharmac says it has taken the first steps to standardise drug availability, releasing two lists of cardiac and rheumatology drugs it believes should be available at all DHBs.

It has also released a list of drugs it thinks won't be included on any national list.

Medical director Peter Moodie says the ultimate aim is to give patients, clinicians, hospital pharmacists and DHB management certainty about what medicines are available, regardless of where people live.

There will be a five-week consultation period over the lists, with submissions closing on 7 September.