26 Jul 2012

Mayor warns meatworkers to think twice about quitting NZ

9:56 am on 26 July 2012

Skilled meatworkers in South Taranaki are being warned off a recruitment drive by an Australian firm making its first foray into New Zealand.

JBS Australia, which runs 11 meat processing plants, is in Hawera on Friday to lure workers to Australia.

It is one of several companies with their sights set on New Zealand's skilled labour force.

South Taranaki mayor Ross Dunlop is concerned about meat companies trying to poach the region's skilled workers.

He questions why Australians are not taking the jobs, if they are so good.

Mr Dunlop says people should consider their options carefully before they decide to leave the country.

He says meat plants in South Taranaki are good employers and there is a great quality of life in the region.