25 Jul 2012

Speculation over different charges

10:04 am on 25 July 2012

Auckland Crown Solicitor Simon Moore says it is possible that different charges could be considered over the death of the Kahui twins, in the wake of the Coroner's report.

Coroner Garry Evans has found the babies died from brain injuries sustained while in the sole custody of their father, Chris Kahui, at their home in South Auckland.

He says the twins were injured in the same manner, at the same time, at the hands of the same person.

Mr Kahui, was found not guilty of killing the babies in a trial in the High Court in Auckland in 2008.

Mr Moore told Morning Report that it's up to police now if more charges are laid.

He said the Coroner's process is fundamentally different to the criminal process, with different legal requirements.

Police say they are considering the evidence heard during the inquest.

Superintendent John Tims says police put all the available evidence before the court in 2008.

Children's mother exonerated

The lawyer for the mother of the Kahui twins says the Coroner's report exonerates her client.

Marie Dyhrberg says Ms King has waited a long time for such a ruling.