20 Jul 2012

Injured tenant fights eviction notice

3:00 pm on 20 July 2012

A Housing New Zealand tenant, who had to take time off work due to an injury, says she is fighting to stay in her home after the agency served her with an eviction notice.

The Service and Food Workers Union says Gina Templeton had to stop working for Spotless Cleaning services at Wellington Hospital in May, when she hurt her shoulder.

The union says no decision has been made on whether to approve Ms Templeton's ACC claim, so she's had no income and has missed four rent payments worth a total of $1300.

The union says Housing New Zealand took her to a disputes tribunal last week where she asked to pay the overdue rent in weekly instalments, but this was rejected.

It says Ms Templeton was given 24 hours' notice from Thursday afternoon to vacate her Strathmore home.

The union says Ms Templeton has nowhere else to go and has a family to care for, including an orphaned grandchild.