11 Jul 2012

Doctor denied request to go back to work

11:16 pm on 11 July 2012

A suspended doctor who wants to return to work despite colleagues' fears that patients may be at risk has had her request denied.

The woman, known as Dr X, has not been allowed to work since December 2011 and remains on full pay.

Sixteen of her colleagues claimed Dr X behaved in a way that affected her ability to manage patients and workplace relationships.

Other complaints followed, including that the doctor did not follow protocol when prescribing medication to a potentially vulnerable patient.

Dr X wanted to return to work on a limited basis, until the outcome of her final disciplinary hearing on 19 July this year is known.

However, the Employment Relations Authority has denied her request.

The authority says the district health board has sufficient evidence to indicate the doctor's alleged behaviour - if proved to be true - means she should not have direct contact with patients.