4 Jul 2012

Gambling Commission refuses to pay costs to gang

10:05 pm on 4 July 2012

The Gambling Commission has ruled against a bid by the Tauranga Filthy Few Motorcycle club to get a $10,000 pay out for a dispute over a raffle.

The Filthy Few has held a raffle at their bike and car show Metal Mania for nearly a decade.

But this year the Department of Internal Affairs stopped it going ahead, after the police said there was potential for the group to launder money under the auspices of running a raffle.

The dispute eventually went to the Gambling Commission.

The Filthy Few claimed Internal Affairs should pay costs, because it committed a blatant breach of natural justice by simply rubber stamping a police objection.

But the commission has rejected the argument, saying there was nothing to indicate the department had conducted itself in a way to justify an award of costs.