22 Jun 2012

Court hears from accused's parents

6:34 pm on 22 June 2012

The father of Ewen Macdonald, the man accused of murdering Feilding farmer Scott Guy, has told a High Court jury his son could not have taken firearms from his sporting goods shop without his knowledge.

Mr Macdonald is on trial in Wellington, accused of murdering his brother-in-law in the early hours of 8 July, 2010, by shooting him twice in the throat.

The court heard on Friday that Mr Macdonald purchased hunting gear from his father's shop at a discount, and could sign a log book to take out firearms.

Kerry Macdonald, however, said his son could not have accessed guns without him knowing.

Earlier Marlene Macdonald told the court about a phone call from her son on 8 July, 2010, telling her and her husband about the death.

She said Ewen was crying and saying he was unsure whether Mr Guy had been killed or had committed suicide.

Mrs Macdonald was also asked about whether she had seen dive boots at her sons house.

She said she'd seen one dive boot in 2008 used to hide a door key but nothing following that.

Police found the prints of dive boots at the scene of the killing.