21 Jun 2012

Crash victim warns drunk drivers

8:24 pm on 21 June 2012

A man who survived a head-on crash in which four people died is calling on drivers to think of the terrible consequences and not get behind the wheel when drunk.

John Mort was travelling on State Highway 2 in rural Hawke's Bay in January when Watson Tipu, who was nearly 3 times over the limit, crossed the centre line and crashed into him.

Mr Mort survived the crash but has been left with injuries which prevent him from being able to work.

"We keep hearing of the families who have died and everything else, but it's the consequences for other people like myself. It's put us financially right in the cart now. We've got mortgages and everything else, children going to school, but we use both incomes to actually survive and now there's only one income."

A coroner's report into the deaths of Mr Tipu and his three passengers found the car was travelling at speed and none of the occupants had been wearing seatbelts.

The report says had seatbelts been worn some of the passengers would have survived.