21 Jun 2012

Woman's remains could provide new evidence: former commissioner

7:40 pm on 21 June 2012

A former assistant police commissioner says the police have every chance of finding the person or people who killed an Auckland teenager whose remains have been found 19 years after she went missing.

A homicide investigation is under way, following confirmation the skeleton found at a Port Waikato beach is that of Jane Furlong, who disappeared in 1993.

Former commissioner Ian Holyoake says that greatly improves the chances of finding who was behind the killing.

"The wonders of forensic science have moved ahead, and I think there is every chance, having the body now, they will be able to get some evidence, and hopefully locate the person involved in her disappearance and her death."

Mr Holyoake led the investigation into the disappearance in 1983 of a Napier schoolgirl, Kirsa Jensen, who has never been found.

The mother of Jane Furlong says she never expected her daughter's remains to be found.

Judith Furlong says she will now be able to give her daughter a proper burial.

She says says she wants to see the person, or people, responsible for her daughter's death brought to justice.

Meanwhile, a Port Waikato resident says the discovery of the remains of Ms Furlong has rattled the community.

Michael Macedonski, who has lived at Port Waikato for 35 years, says he believes the killer will not be a local and hopes the discovery will not taint the community.