19 Jun 2012

SkyCity worker in trouble for carrying Bible

9:01 am on 19 June 2012

A worker at SkyCity in Auckland is in trouble with her employer for carrying a pocket Bible with her in the workplace.

Staff member Tuni Parata has been told to attend a disciplinary hearing after being found with the book in the toilets.

Ms Parata's union, Unite, has provided company documents that describe how her Bible was found on a bathroom vanity in the Sky Tower while she was in a cubicle.

The manager who made the discovery reported it to other staff.

Ms Parata now faces a disciplinary hearing for possessing non-work related material during work hours.

The union says the company's action is absurd, and Wellington employment lawyer Peter Cullen says it may be unreasonable under the law.

But the company says staff in customer service roles are generally not allowed to carry items such as mobile phones and books.

Ms Parata has worked at SkyCity since it opened in 1996.