14 Jun 2012

Taskforce to tackle boozy behaviour in central Auckland

10:04 am on 14 June 2012

Night clubs in Auckland are sceptical that a new taskforce will be able to solve the problem of boozy, violent behaviour in the central city.

The taskforce believes one of the biggest problems is people drinking in their cars until they're drunk, even before they arrive at night clubs.

It wants to establish parking limits at certain locations, where people are gathering in carparks just to drink.

Danny Doolans bar manager Sean Lee says he can't see that working, as drinks at bars are more expensive than at liquor outlets.

The taskforce also wants bars to introduce a one-way door policy, which will stop people from being allowed back into premises once they've left.

Heart of the City chief executive Alex Swney says some bars have that in place already and it's proved to be better for business.

But Sean Lee believes night clubs experiencing a lull in business would keep serving drinks to already drunk patrons, in order to keep them from leaving.

He says there need to be more police officers patrolling bars to address unruly behaviour.

Degree Steven Marriott bar manager says fights happen outside bars every week and employees have been mugged.

The taskforce says it will also look at improving public transport at night, and will ensure that off-license outlets like bottle shops, do not sell single shot drinks.

The group will meet again in a fortnight.

Mayor Len Brown says people should feel safe in the city.