12 Jun 2012

Super yacht sinking could be hoax

10:10 pm on 12 June 2012

The US Coast Guard says the reported explosion and sinking of a super yacht in the Atlantic with a New Zealander on board could be a hoax.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, the US Coast Guard had identified the boat as the 50m long, $40 million super yacht Blind Date.

New Zealander Matthew Edwards is listed as second engineer on the crew list for the yacht.

However, Coast Guard lieutenant Joe Klinker told the Associated Press that it could not find any signs of distress in the water, despite a caller saying that all 21 people on board had made it to life rafts.

He says it was "highly unusual" for the Coast Guard to get this kind of situation where they arrive quickly but do not locate anything or see any sign of distress.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson says they are following up with US authorities in New York to clarify the situation.