4 Jun 2012

Time to re-examine monarchy, say republicans

5:43 pm on 4 June 2012

The celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is being cited by the republican movement as a reason to re-examine the monarchy.

The Jubilee marks 60 years since the Queen became head of state for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Chairman of the Republican Movement in New Zealand Lewis Holden says the ceremonies are a great occasion for the people of Britain - but New Zealand is a very different country to that of 60 years ago.

"We're not Britain's farm any more, we don't refer to Britain as home any more. We've become, I think, independent but only in our legal framework."

Mr Holden says New Zealand has progressed towards full independence and the final step would be to choose its own head of state.

However, royalists in New Zealand say the celebrations prove just how much monarchy remains part of New Zealand culture.

Monarchy New Zealand chairman Sean Palmer says everywhere he looks there are reminders of the role of the monarchy in New Zealand.

On this Jubilee weekend, shops are putting up decorations and have sales and advertisements relating to the monarchy, he says.

"Everyone knows who the Queen is, everybody knows she loves corgis - it's very much part of our culture."