1 Jun 2012

Community boards 'struggling' post-quakes

6:01 am on 1 June 2012

Christchurch community boards say they are struggling to help wards recover from the Canterbury earthquakes and want the council to appoint quake advisers to assist them.

The chairs of six community boards appealed to the city council at the draft annual plan public hearings, which began on Thursday.

The chair of the Spreydon Heathcote community board says an adviser role would better enable recovery that is tailored to each ward.

"The recovery plans will be localised, we can have a village concept. It really is starting to happen. It needs more impetus.

"The ward contacts which we have will be much better coordinated and boards will be better resourced and will be able to carry out our advocacy role."

Phil Clearwater says community boards are stretched for resources and finding it hard to meet all of their wards' needs.

The council will respond to the submission in writing, as it is doing with all submissions.

Rates relief, sport hub discussed

The Hagley Ferrymead community board highlighted the need for full rates relief for people with uninhabitable properties. At present, they have 40% remission.

Representatives from several community boards expressed support for a major sports hub to replace damaged facilities such as AMI Stadium, QEII Stadium and Centennial Pool.

However, the Northshore Residents Association told councillors the absence of QEII Stadium in the east of Christchurch could kill the local economy.

Hearings will continue for three days next week. The final plan is due before the end of June.