29 May 2012

Bottle store opening hours slashed

6:37 am on 29 May 2012

The Liquor Licensing Authority has bowed to public pressure and reduced the opening hours of a bottle store across the road from a school in Cannons Creek, Porirua.

Thirsty Liquor - previously known as the Fantame Liquor Store - has had its licence renewed but only for one year, and it has to close for half an hour at the end of the school day at Russell Primary School.

Eighty-eight people, and the police formally opposed the store's application to renew its licence, saying it encouraged litter, drunkeness and violence.

It will also have to close at 9pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday.

Store owner Chiman Patel refused to comment - apart from saying the decision was bad news.

Thirsty Liquor will have to apply for a renewal of its licence in May next year.