27 May 2012

Southland disappointed about NZ share of telescope project

5:38 pm on 27 May 2012

Venture Southland says it is disappointed New Zealand missed out on the best part of the project to build part of the world's biggest radio telescope.

New Zealand, Australia and South Africa are to co-host the telescope which will comprise thousands of dishes and antennae that will survey the far reaches of space.

Most of the dishes will be situated in South Africa with the rest in Western Australia, while low frequency antennae may eventually be built in New Zealand.

Venture Southland has promoted the province as a place to build part of the world's biggest radio telescope.

Enterprise projects manager Robin McNeill says he's disappointed New Zealand is only getting a small slice of the action, with the most leading edge technology going to South Africa.

Scientists say a huge data centre to process information from the project may built in New Zealand, and local industries may design and build parts of the equipment.