26 May 2012

Broadband installation glitch leads to power cuts

7:25 am on 26 May 2012

Telecommunications company Chorus is apologising to Dunedin residents over major power cuts caused by the roll-out of ultra-fast broadband cabling.

The company began installing ultra-fast broadband cables in Dunedin in February.

Over the past fortnight, two significant power cuts occurred when contractors damaged high voltage underground electricity cables.

The company apologises for any disruption caused by the recent electricity outages in Dunedin and says it is improving staff training and risk procedures to try and prevent further outages.

It would not say whether any other outages have occurred elsewhere as a direct result of its cable laying.

Chorus is taking a leading role in building the $1.5 billion broadband network in towns and cities and the $300 million broadband upgrade in rural areas.

Thousands of customers should be ready to connect to ultra-fast broadband from next month.