4 Apr 2012

Judge reserves decision Megaupload case

3:09 pm on 4 April 2012

A High Court judge has reserved her decision on whether the Megaupload founder, Kim Dotcom, should be allowed to get his cars, property and money back.

The challenge to the seizure of Mr Dotcom's assets was heard at the High Court in Auckland on Wednesday and Justice Potter says she will issue a written judgement later in April.

A lawyer for the Megaupload founder put the case for cars, money and property to be returned to his client.

Mr Dotcom is on bail while the United States Government seeks his extradition to face internet piracy and copyright infringement charges.

A court order used to seize money and property from his Coatesville mansion in January was issued incorrectly and an interim order has been in place since February.

Lawyers acting on behalf of the US Government are applying for a more permanent order. But Mr Dotcom's lawyer, Willy Akel, says the application has not been authorised by the right person and should not be issued.