31 Mar 2012

Boat forfeited for illegal fish sales

6:27 am on 31 March 2012

Troy Latimer, 36, and Jacqueline Habib, 40, both from Thames, have been given community sentences for selling snapper and kahawai from the back of a car in South Auckland last June.

The two pleaded guilty and each received 140 hours of community work.

Latimer also lost his five metre boat and trailer, worth about $3500.

Waikato and Bay of Plenty fisheries compliance manager Brendon Mikkelson says the ministry takes the selling of fish taken recreationally very seriously.

"We want fish for future generations and we certainly don't want that fish being sold. It impacts on the sustainability of the fishery", he says.

Mr Mikkelson says it was disappointing to see such a blatant breach because the majority of fishers know the rules.