29 Mar 2012

30-year development plan for Auckland signed off

6:40 pm on 29 March 2012

Auckland Council has signed off on a thirty year development plan aimed at boosting the economy and bringing far more high density housing.

The Auckland Plan aims to lift the region's economy and will change the way many of its residents live, to accommodate another 1 million people.

Councillors debated until the very end the plan's most contentious target, the extent to which the city can spread in the next thirty years.

A majority agreed on a range of between 60 and 70% of population growth being within the urban limit.

The plan aims to double the rate of Auckland's economic growth, and double public transport use in ten years.

The meeting was adjourned briefly, after members of Socialist Aotearoa protested inside the council building, over the long-running labour dispute at the council-owned Ports of Auckland company.

There is an ambitious programme to lift education, skill levels, housing and health in Auckland's poorer southern communities.

The plan has been developed by the Auckland Council in conjunction with government and other agencies and will shape how future public investment is made.