21 Mar 2012

Christchurch 'well-placed' for broadband uptake

11:15 am on 21 March 2012

The Minister for Communications and IT says Christchurch is well placed to take advantage of super-fast internet speeds.

Some 14,000 homes and businesses already have access to the new fibre optic cable that can deliver internet speeds 10 times faster than regular broadband.

Amy Adams says it is not just the ability of companies in Christchurch to construct new technology-ready buildings from amidst the rubble of the earthquakes that gives them an advantage over the rest of New Zealand.

Ms Adams says innovative thinking coming out of the city in response to the quakes could also help to spur new ideas for getting the best out of ultra-fast broadband.

"People are now looking at life through new eyes. They've understood that actually being connected and technologically able to operate from anywhere and to do things differently and more efficiently is absolutely central."

The minister admits the technology is a leap of faith as far as its potential applications are concerned. However, she maintains the $1.35 billion the Government is contributing is a sound investment.

The rollout of ultra-fast broadband in New Zealand will take seven years to complete.