20 Aug 2008

Kindy disco too loud for noise control officers

6:13 am on 20 August 2008

Noise control officers busted an out-of-control party on Friday night - at an Auckland kindergarten.

One Tree Hill kindergarten was forced to turn down the music on Friday night when Auckland City Council noise control officers turned up with an abatement notice in hand.

The kindergarten's annual disco was in full swing as the children partied into the evening.

One of the teachers Jenny Skerritt says officers knocked on the door about 6.30pm.

The offending sound track was Bob the Builder and The Chicken Dance.

Ms Skerritt says the officers were a little red-faced as they told kindergarten staff to turn down the music or stop the party.

She says the party, though in full swing, was not noisy enough to stop some babies sleeping through. The music was turned down and the party continued until its finishing time of 7pm.

Auckland City Council is standing by its decision to send noise control officers, saying the party could be heard two doors down.

The kindergarten plans to frame the noise control notice.