13 Mar 2012

NZ cricketers implicated in match-fixing allegations

8:30 am on 13 March 2012

New Zealand cricket players have been implicated in fresh allegations of match-fixing.

The Sunday Times is reporting that the International Cricket Council is to investigate claims bookmakers have been fixing English county cricket matches as well as international fixtures.

The British newspaper says its reporters infiltrated a network of bookmakers, some of whom boasted of recruiting players from New Zealand and other cricketing nations to throw part or all of international matches.

Radio New Zealand's London correspondent Nina-Maria Potts says some of the claims involving New Zealanders are potentially explosive.

She said one of the Delhi masterminds quoted by The Sunday Times said he had been offered a chance to sign up some New Zealand players.

He said he did not go because the Indian Premier League starts on 4 April and everyone would be match-fixing then.

The paper also quotes another Indian bookie who said he had connections to two New Zealand players. The bookie said he had dealings with them in 2010 and one player is allegedly still working for him.

NZ Cricket says claims baseless

New Zealand Cricket chief executive David White says the organisation has complete confidence that the claims made are baseless and have no credibility.

In a statement released on Monday morning, Mr White said the sources are not credible and the accusations are unsubstantiated. irresponsible, damaging and untrue.

Mr White said the integrity and reputation of the game is paramount and New Zealand Cricket has confidence that its players share those ideals.

New Zealand Cricket Players' Association chief executive Heath Mills told Radio New Zealand the allegations can't be taken seriously until they are proven.

"These are just unsubstantiated claims from people of ill-repute, in fact they are criminals. They're bookmakers from the subcontinent and I place no credibility in them whatsoever at this point in time.

"Until we hear names and people produce evidence then, unfortunately, it's a slander against every player here in New Zealand."

Mr Mills says players he has spoken to are shocked by the claims.