9 Mar 2012

SPCA applauds penalties in animal cruelty cases

9:59 pm on 9 March 2012

The SPCA is pleased that two men in separate cases have been ordered to do community work after neglecting their dogs.

Harley Love, 21, of Glen Eden, was ordered not to own an animal for 10 years, and sentenced to do 150 hours of community work for failing to put down his extremely sick German shepherd dog.

The Waitakere District Court heard that the 17 year old dog had chronic heart disease, arthritis, dehydration, lung and liver congestion and pressure sores, and hadn't walked in more than a week, or eaten for three days. It was covered in live fleas and maggots, and lying in its own excrement on the back deck.

Love was also ordered to pay reparation of $822.48.

Marely Tosala, 24, of Mangere was sentenced in the Manukau District Court to 100 hours of community work, and disqualified from owning a dog for three years, after two of his pitbulls were found to be seriously malnourished.

He was also ordered to pay reparations of $3500.

SPCA chief executive Christine Kalin says the sentences should serve as a warning that people who mistreat animals will be punished.

She says the SPCA is watching, and will prosecute.