8 Aug 2012

Great games for Britain

9:22 am on 8 August 2012

Britain is celebrating its biggest haul of Olympic gold since 1908 at a London Games that just keeps on giving for a host nation once famed for its love of plucky losers and heroic failures.

Not since the first London Olympics, when just 22 nations took part, and when much of the world was ruled from the British capital, have the country's athletes stashed away so much gold and so many medals, Reuters reports.

Yorkshire in the north of England can claim more gold medals than Britain's arch rival Australia who have won just four so far.

With five full days remaining, Britain has taken 22 golds and 48 medals.

Britain is third in the medals table behind China with 73 medals, including 34 gold, and the United States, which has 70, 30 of them gold.