20 Sep 2010

Transport key issue for Wellington mayoral candidates

2:38 pm on 20 September 2010

The main mayoral candidates for Wellington say transport is a top priority for the region but disagree on the best solution.

The city's mayor, Kerry Prendergast and her main rivals, councillors Bryan Pepperall and Celia Wade-Brown debated the issue on Radio New Zealand National this morning.

Ms Wade-Brown wants to have light rail run through the city centre, and on to Wellington hospital.

But Kerry Prendergast says bus services would be cheaper than light rail.

Bryan Pepperall also backs buses but, he says, smaller buses may be more efficient for the CBD.

Ms Prendergast and Ms Wade-Brown say all councils in the Wellington region need to contribute to funding the arts, instead of the city council carrying the burden.

But Mr Pepperall says the council could fully take over the enforcement of parking instead of outside businesses. He says the $11 million they receive could be given to the arts.