25 Aug 2010

Len Brown supports Maori representation on super city council

9:10 am on 25 August 2010

Auckland super city mayoral candidate Len Brown is taking the Human Rights Commissioner's views on Maori representation to heart.

Joris de Bres says it is disappointing that after legislation was implemented 10 years ago to allow for specific Maori representation, only one local authority has such a system in place.

Waatea News reports Mr de Bres told a forum in Christchurch this week that he recommends the new Auckland council establish Maori seats as soon as possible, subject to endorsement by Auckland iwi.

Mr Brown says he wants to see Ngati Whatua, Tainui and Hauraki representatives around the table.

He says Maori play a strong cultural role in the city, and are increasingly becoming a major economic force.