16 Nov 2011

Brash sticks to party line on release of tape

10:05 pm on 16 November 2011

ACT Party leader Don Brash, says he has been assured by the party's Epsom candidate, John Banks, that he has his support.

The comments were made during a TNVZ minor party leaders' debate on Wednesday night.

The leaders were questioned about the recording of the cafe conversation last week, between National Party leader John Key, and Mr Banks.

Two media outlets have a copy of the recording, but have not released it, and Mr Key has taken the matter to the police.

Dr Brash says recording the conversation was unethical and probably illegal.

It has been suggested Dr Brash's leadership of the party was one of the topics discussed.

Dr Brash says Mr Banks has assured him they are going into this election together, with Dr Brash as the leader.