13 Nov 2011

Greens embrace new media for youth campaign launch

10:36 am on 13 November 2011

The Green Party says its history-making campaign launch on Saturday will become far more common in years to come.

The party launched its Young Green's campaign on Saturday afternoon with a focus on youth-related policy.

In a live-streaming conference on the internet, candidates under the age of 35 answered questions by email and Twitter from about 150 young people throughout New Zealand.

The Greens' youngest MP, Gareth Hughes, hosted the launch and says the party has embraced the new media.

"We've used it a lot in different formats this year. We ran an alternate leaders debate called The Green Room, we've got an innovative website called Hey Kiwi where people can download New Zealand music to encourage their mates to enrol.

"I've been hosting online-only public meetings, but this is the first time that we had candidates from all across the country streaming in to a central location and then being let out to the internet."

Mr Hughes says using this form of media means the Greens are not limited to one geographic region.

He says among personal questions, viewers wanted to know candidates' opinion on youth rates, the minimum wage and civics education.