11 Nov 2008

Key meets minor party leaders in Wellington

12:24 pm on 11 November 2008

Prime Minister-elect John Key travelled to Parliament on Monday where he met the leaders of ACT and United Future as he finalised the shape of the National-led Government.

Mr Key said he intended to do more work on the line-up of his Cabinet on Monday night and Tuesday.

"It alters slightly depending on the requests from the other parties that we might work with, but I've got a framework in my head, but there's a few moving parts and I'm just working my way through that."

Mr Key told reporters on Monday he realised the MMP system involves some compromises, but that he has a good personal relationship with the leaders of both minor parties.

National has enough seats to govern with support parties ACT and United Future, after a sweeping victory in the 2008 general election on Saturday.


John Key told Morning Report on Monday that when the Government is finalised he plans to focus on the economy, and said it was crucial that New Zealand gets on a high growth path.

"Hopefully just the sheer change of government will give some confidence to the economy, that we are going to put economic growth at the top of the agenda" he said.

However, Mr Key said the international position is still unstable and New Zealand is in recession.

He said the Government will have to work very hard to get the country on the right footing on the backdrop of what will be a difficult economic position.

Mr Key plans to support the manufacturing sector by bringing inflation under control and easing pressure on interest rates.

While many exporters cannot compete with low wage economies, Mr Key said it is important that exporters are competitive at adding value to their products.

In the first 100 days of office, John Key's priorities are legislation for April tax cuts, and reform of the Resource Management Act.