20 Oct 2008

No more big ticket policies, says Clark

11:25 am on 20 October 2008

Labour leader Helen Clark has told supporters in Wellington the party will not announcing any more big ticket policies during the election campaign.

Miss Clark was speaking at rally at Te Papa on Sunday 19 October, to launch the party's Wellington campaign.

She told the crowd of about 350 Labour supporters that the current international financial crisis was the worst since the 1930s.

Miss Clark told the rally she would not be announcing any significant new spending initiatives during the campaign.

Helen Clark said Labour's focus would be on implementing its economic stimulus package in the first 40 days of a new government.

National's leader John Key says it is hard to believe Labour will not reach for the chequebook in its efforts to win the election.


Miss Clark said the financial crisis had turned the New Zealand election campaign on its head, as people look for leaders they can trust.

"A change to a leader with the learner wheels on no longer seems anything like as interesting as it might have just a few weeks ago," she said, referring to National leader John Key.

"At times like these the premium value is attached to those who have experience and judgement."