Writer won't leave his home

8:33 am on 16 December 2011

Lyttelton writer Joe Bennett says he won't leave his home despite being ordered to do so.

Christchurch City Council has issued notices to 27 homeowners on the Port Hills who it says are in danger from collapsing cliffs and landslides.

Despite 7000 earthquakes, Bennett says his house has never been hit by falling rocks and he does not believe there's a danger of that.

He says he's safe and he will disobey any court order to abandon the property.

The council is using a private investigator to find people still occupying the 500 houses that are red-stickered in the Port Hills area.

It says residents refusing to leave their homes are putting their lives at risk.

Regulation and democracy manager Peter Mitchell told Morning Report that more than 500 notices were served just after the February quake.

He said many ignored the notice, so another one has been served.

Mr Mitchell said the council won't hesitate in taking court action against residents who do not leave.