Red zone residents 'have no choice' but to move

8:41 pm on 22 August 2011

Some homeowners in Christchurch's residential red zone say they have had no choice but to move across town to find suitable, affordable land.

The first 3000 formal Government offers have been sent to residents whose homes will need to be abandoned due to earthquake damage.

Householders must either sell both their house and land to the Government at the 2007 valuation, or sell just the land and claim through private insurance for their house.

Bill Hambidge says he has not been able to find a house within the valuation of his current home in northern Christchurch. He has now put an offer on a house in Leithfield, 40 minutes from the city.

Rosemary Hopgood has bought a section in Aidenfield across town from her house in Avonside.

Ms Hopgood believes she has no choice but to move, as she can not find a suitable house in the eastern suburbs and also worries about whether such a property could be insured.