Better support urged for Christchurch workers

3:22 pm on 22 June 2011

A Christchurch business recovery group is calling on employers to support their staff better.

The advice follows statistics released by the Unite Union on Tuesday, showing reports of workplace bullying in Christchurch have increased from one or two to at least a dozen a week.

The Canterbury Business Leaders Group suggests employers should offer staff a long weekend each month and pay for weekend getaways.

It has heard presentations from Christchurch City councillors and business people who visited San Francisco in May to study that

city's recovery from a devastating quake in 1989.

The group's chairperson, Don Elder, says lessons learned in San Francisco highlight the challenges facing Christchurch's business community. The include the need for a clear plan to encourage property investors to seek lower-risk opportunities elsewhere.

Mr Elder says Christchurch business people need to be more involved in the recovery, and seen by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority and the council as partners - not just stakeholders.