Companies slowly return to Christchurch CBD

6:03 am on 13 June 2011

Christchurch companies are gradually returning to the city's high-rises.

HSBC Tower was relatively unscathed after the February earthquake, prompting tenant, KPMG, to temporarily shift to a church in the suburb of Hoon Hay.

The company's staff are moving back on Monday, almost four months after the quake. Partner Alex Skinner says KPMG took great care to ensure people were comfortable resuming its third floor position.

He says they could have moved back earlier, but wanted to ensure staff were as comfortable as possible before they returned.

Mr Skinner says discussions with HR revealed staff were concerned about the building and the CBD.

He says the company tried to allay their fears by asking staff to talk with an engineer that did a formal report for the building's landlord.

Mr Skinner says returning to the building will make it a lot easier to function because staff have been lacking the necessary equipment to do their accounting work in their temporary accommodation, as well as being very cramped.