Five more earthquake victims named

9:32 pm on 2 June 2011

The Chief Coroner says the bodies of five more people who were in the Canterbury Television building have been formally identified.

Matthew Lyle Beaumont, 31, of Christchurch, who worked for Canterbury Television, was named on Wednesday.

Four Chinese women who were studying at the King's College language school were also named: Jin-Yan Leng, 30, Xiujuan Xu, 47 , Di-Di Zhang, 23, and Xioa-Li Zhou, 26.

Police say dental records, personal items and new information from overseas has enabled them to formally identify the bodies.

The five, along with four others who are yet to be identified, had their deaths formally declared at an inquest last month.

Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean says a second inquest into the other people who died at the Canterbury Television building will be held in two weeks. Waikato coroner Gordon Matenga will hear evidence for 106 victims.