Quake job assistance tops $50m

4:48 pm on 6 March 2011

More than $50 million has now been given out in the Government's financial assistance package for companies and workers affected by the Christchurch earthquake.

Most of that has been paid via 6000 businesses that employ about 31,000 staff. More than 6500 sole traders have also applied for support.


Another 3500 people also accessing support are those who have lost contact with their employer, or don't believe they have jobs to go back to.

Social Development and Employment Minister Paula Bennett toured quake-affected areas of the city on Sunday checking on the recovery effort and the assistance being offered to people.

Interim measures are in place for six weeks under which companies are able to get a $500 a week subsidiy for each full time employee and $300 a week for each part-time employee.

People who have lost a full-time job will be eligible for payment $400 a week. For part-time employees the cover is $240.