Consideration urged in lieu of the real thing

5:43 pm on 5 March 2011

Christchurch residents faced with weeks of having to use portaloos or chemical toilets are being asked to be considerate of others when using the facilities.

Up to Saturday morning, 3400 portable or chemical toilets have been delivered to residents. Another 23,000 are either ready to be delivered, en route to New Zealand or being manufactured.

The Christchurch City Council is asking those residents who are still waiting to be patient; and when toilets do arrive, it says, people should be scrupulous about hygiene and ensure they leave them as they would like to find them.

Those without toilets are asked to bury liquid waste.

Solid waste, well-wrapped in newspaper or plastic, can be put in red rubbish bins, which will be collected throughout the city every day from Monday to Friday next week.

People are asked not to put plastic bags of waste down portaloos, as they can take hours to repair.

They also should not put bags of liquid waste in the red bins as they can burst, causing a hazard to refuse workers.

Small toilet packs available

The group that organised the Rangiora Earthquake Express is now working to deliver thousands of small portable toilets to Christchurch households.

The group last week used helicopters to fly food to residents in the south-east of the city.

The small toilet packs contain a sealable 20-litre pail with seat, rubbish bags, hand sanitiser and a toilet roll.

Seven thousand of them have been manufactured and 1000 have already been delivered.

If people need a toilet delivered, or want to make a donation, they can call 0800 566 397.