Hundreds of pupils move to schools outside Christchurch

5:27 am on 3 March 2011

The Minister of Education says 2252 Christchurch children have enrolled at schools in other parts of the country.

Anne Tolley says the figure shows parents want to get their children back into education.

The enrolments are spread throughout the country, though most are in other South Island schools.

Mrs Tolley says everything is being done to get Christchurch schools up and running.

She says possible options for the worst-affected schools include some students going off-site, schools splitting days on the same site, bringing in relocateable classrooms and providing relief teacher support where necessary.

Australian university offers places

The University of Adelaide has offered to enrol 500 Canterbury University students for the first half of the academic year.

Adelaide will teach the students for free, though they will already have paid their regular Canterbury university fees.

Special rates are being arranged for accommodation and flights.

Three New Zealand universities have offered to take international students from Canterbury for the first semester.

The students would transfer back to Canterbury in the second half of the year.